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Your Autumn To-Do List

It’s October and autumn is officially upon us (hooray!). So I have decided to help you make the most of this season with a ‘to-do’ list.

  1. Embrace plaid. Checked scarves are everywhere. Yes we may look like a walking picnic blanket but we love it! HARRISON CHECK SCARVES
  2. Grab your apron and try your hand at making pumpkin soup. This seasonal favourite will keep you warm on those cold evenings and better yet it’s fast and easy to make. Even I can do it!pumpkin-soup
  3. Put down your daily sugary latte (your waistline will thank me) and try peppermint tea. It’s great for your digestive system and will help boost your immune system so say good bye to that pesky cold and run down feeling and grab a cup of peppermint tea.
  4. Invest in one of our amazing fur gilets. Warm and stylish, what more could you ask for? Fur is very popular this season and will make any outfit look glamorous and effortlessly chic.Millie Mackintosh
  5. Get creative! Create your very own inspiration board filled with recipes, colours and clothes that inspire you. Whether it’s a motivational quote or those shoes you’ve been saving for, stick it on your board to brighten up your day.
  6. Learn to knit this autumn. Scarves, hats and jumpers. We have it all at Harrison Fashion. But if you fancy taking up a hobby to relax, knitting is perfect for you.
  7. Get baking. With the nation jumping on the ‘Great British Bake Off’ bandwagon why not try your hand at baking a seasonal treat. If you haven’t been blessed with the culinary skills of Jamie Oliver not to worry, Betty Crocker to the rescue. This super easy recipe of  Caramel Apple Bars can be found at Betty Crocker website. Just add some ice cream or custard to finish. caramel-apple-bars
  8. Get yourself a puffer coat. Our Benetton puffer coats are duck down which means they are light, easy to store in your bag and more importantly warm. These shower proof coats are a God send on those dull, wet October days. These are a must have essential this autumn. Shop them now, you won’t regret it.
  9. Be Brave! Try something new and get out of that fashion rut you’ve been in. From bold prints to bright colours we have lots of new pieces for you to try at Harrison Fashion. So step out of your comfort zone and through the doors of our store and find something new to turn heads in.
  10. Get your walking shoes on and get outdoors. The leaves are changing, go explore and get some cardio in. Run through the park, walk across the beach and hike through a forest collecting conkers. Don’t use the colder weather as an excuse to not stay active, venture outside and embrace nature.
  11. Go dark. A darker makeup palette will add drama to any outfit. Red, purple and maroon are all great colours for your lips. Perfect for complimenting those brown and burnt orange colours in your autumn wardrobe.  Oxblood:
And finally, number 12 …Keep Calm Enjoy Autumn

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