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Snug Life: Stay Warm, Look Cool

Three winters ago, I succumbed to the puffer jacket. I had dug my heels in long enough, but you know when you’re ankle deep in snow, you really have no other alternative. Except for maybe hypothermia.

The puffer screamed “giving up” to me. It was ‘mumsie’, a bit of a fashion no-no really. Oh, how wrong I was. It’s like being wrapped in a great big duvet.

Statement coats are well and good, and believe me, I would much prefer to be strolling to work wearing a chic, timeless wool coat, complete with an undeniably French beret and Burberry-inspired scarf, kicking crispy, golden leaves as I pass, pausing occasionally to admire the bright, blue sky and feeling a healthy chill in the air. The reality is, I’m scurrying to work, grasping a thermal flask as if my life depended on it, head down, ducking showers (umbrella tossed into the bin a long-time ago), and telling myself that hat hair is better than frizzy hair, right?

And that’s why I gave in to the snug life.

The Puffer Coat, Taylor Hill

How to Wear:

Shop a cool, cropped version for a 90’s inspired throwback.

The Puffer Jacket, Fashion, Street Style

Cropped Puffer Jacket, Street Style

Or full on, sleeping bag alternative?

The Puffer Coat, Taylor Hill

Soia & Kyo (Meghan Markle’s pick!) do the best season-spanning parka-meet-puffers you ever did see.

Soia & Kyo Joleen

Need more proof why the puffer jacket is the ultimate coat of the season?

  1. The puffer ruled the runway. Stella McCartney was all over it.Stella McCartney, Runway, Fall '16, The Puffer Coat, Velvet
  2. If RiRi’s on it, then who are we to argue? No umbrella needed here. (Sorry!)
    The Puffer Jacket, Rihanna
  3. It’s winter.

Stay warm, look cool. Simples. Welcome to the Snug Life.

Over and out.



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