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The Coat Vote

Choosing the right winter coat is a personal thing. You can buy into the reigning trend (this season it’s anything goes– yes, it is) or you can stick to something timeless that will take you seamlessly from season to season, year after year. Much as retailers (us included!) want you buying all year, every year, a winter coat is best selected with some care and consideration. It’s meant to be wearable, comfortable and affordable.

The Camel Coat

If there’s one thing every wardrobe needs, it’s a camel coat. Timeless, classy and it even oozes some sex appeal (see Richard Gere sporting one if you don’t believe me). What’s more, it goes with everything.

Richard Gere Fashion Icon

 See? Make sure to nonchalantly tie at the waist. Do NOT buckle up.

The Classic Camel Coat: Womenswear Essentials

 Extra points when you add your own leather belt and do the loop-de-loop.

The Parka Coat

Weekend wear in winter can only mean one thing ~ The Parka Coat, preferably with a furry hood and super slouchy. Just the way Liam likes it.Sienna Miller Parka Coat Style

Wear yours with a bold brow and attitude.

Soia and Kyo Parka Coat

The Duffle Coat

I’m still trying to convince Margaret that the duffle IS a good look. Catherine swears by it. Preppy, geek-chic and so very Alexa Chung, need I say more?

The Duffle Coat

 Wear it up with a pop of red lipstick and a messy top knot.

The Statement Coat

This season sees the return of the much-loved (or much ridiculed if you have to listen to Boyfriend) Teddy Bear Coat. That’s cute, but But we’re a little more keen on this floral tapestry inspired number from Benetton. Purely because it’s so pretty and kinda has that timeless vintage-find quality about it that the Teddy Bear – alas – does not.

Floral Tapestry Coat

As much as I might not want to admit it, a puffer is THE winter wardrobe essential. Yes, yes, I know but fret not, Michelin Man it isn’t. Think soft, squishy and après-ski chicA wearable duvet, if you will.

The Winter Wonder: The Puffer Coat

Puffer Coat - Benetton Padded Puffer Coat

Our top tip for shopping for the right coat (relax- it’s much easier than jean shopping!) is to wear a good few layers. That way when you try a coat on, you can get a good idea of what it’s like to wear all bundled up. Can you move your arms? Can you turn your head in that hood and still see?

Most of all, love it, take care of it (a good hanger and a dry clean now and again works wonders) and let us know what coat gets your vote.

Over and out.





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