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The Art of The Black Cashmere Jumper

We’re finally reading ‘Spark Joy’ by Marie Kondo (the only thing we could get on board with during that awful Gilmore Girls revival). Albeit, we’re fashionably late to the party. But you see, we’ve read Parisian Chic, we’ve read The Curated Closet. French Lessons from Madame Chic? Yeah, we’ve had them. In fact, we’re so busy reading all about perfecting the ultimate capsule wardrobe, that we don’t ever actually get round to doing it.

There are a lot of opinions about what we women ought to have in our wardrobe and this usually comes down to a few key basics. Now, that just won’t do. We like to shop. We do try to choose carefully and chose well but we like to shop. Champagne problems, you know?
One thing though that we absolutely swear by is a simple, straightforward black jumper.

The Art of The Black Cashmere Jumper

Yep. It’s like a white tee. Except, not. You see, the black jumper is an Audrey Hepburn classic.  It’s workwear appropriate. It looks oh-so-nineties with faded ‘Mom’ jeans. It’s super glamorous with a pencil skirt. Edgy with a mini. What’s not to like? It’s better if you get cashmere. Because, you know, buy well.
Black Cashmere Jumper
Like anything, it’s how you wear it. How you style it. A black bin bag is the ultimate Hallowe’en costume and no trip to Elliots is necessary. A black jumper can pretty much look like how ever you want it to look.
Black Sweater, Black Pleated Skirt
Exhibit A. Dressed down with faded jeans and Converse. Classic.
Black Jumper, Black Converse
Exhibit B. Mix it up with accessories. Tan and black look so good together so keep the ensemble black on black and then add a simple scarf, flats, and some arm candy to lighten the look.
Black Cashmere Jumper
Those delicate gold chains and fine bracelets? They look super luxe worn with a simple black jumper and the contrast shows those pretty little accessories off nicely.
Black Cashmere Jumper
Make like Audrey and pair with ankle length, tailored trousers, either matching black, although navy is a nice alternative and check is pretty cool, and stylish flats for the office, drinks, or basically whatever.
How To Wear The Black Cashmere Jumper
Zoe, The Black Jumper
The best part about the black jumper is that you can go full on goth with smokey eyes and your favorite dark purple lipstick. But what’s really on point is a simple red lip and perfect winged eyeliner. This go-to will save you precious moments in the morning and will put an end to any flaffing. Likewise, heading out for dinner and drinks, the simple black sweater and red lip combo is utterly fail-proof.
Red lips, winged eyeliner
 Naturally, we can’t recommend enough this Benetton cashmere blend option. Complete with a relaxed yet slim fit and crafted from a fine and yet easily machine washed cashmere blend. What’s not to like?
Benetton Women's Cashmere Blend Jumper in Black
Over and out.
 P.S Watch Funny Face for more inspo.

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