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How To: The Art of Hygge

The French would say ” la vie est pleine de petits bonheurs”, the Danes call it “hygge.” Whatever, it’s not a competition, but they are doing their very best to tear me away from my adoration of France. Francophile or not, I can still appreciate the easy, “hygge” way of going. Even it doesn’t roll off the tongue just as easily – “hoo-ga” in case you were wondering. I think. To

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How To: Scandinavian Style

When it comes to furniture and television, Scandinavia is having a good run. Margaret can’t get enough of those grey Danish murder mysteries and goodness knows she loves a bit of grey. That’s why this season’s collection is really tickling our fancy and we are simply non-stop Nordic. Let’s face it; you can’t walk down the high street without witnessing Swedish giant’s; H&M and its little sister Cos. Even my wine glasses

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