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Stitch It Up, Embroidered Denim

Embroidered denim is a huge trend right now (in case you didn’t know) and as much as we try not to buy too much into trends (it’s a Parisian timeless thing that we’re trying to achieve), we simply can’t resist the beautiful detailing. Those Gucci loafers sold the trend to us and that’s that. If OTT isn’t your thing and the bold embroidery is just too much, why not try

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How To: Model Off-Duty

When they’re not strutting down the runway, models are just like us. Um, no, not at all actually, but they do prefer to trade couture for laid-back looks when off-duty. So, next time you are having one of those mornings, you know the sort, you’re late, you’ve absolutely nothing to wear, the wardrobe is so crammed you just can’t see, you can’t see anything, think “off-duty-model”. It’s not rubbing salt

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The Spring 2016 Trend Report

Spring is in the air, although you wouldn’t know it (is that hailstones?!), but fashion waits for no-one, not even appropriate weather, because let’s face it, then we would be waiting forever, so we’re powering through and listing the spring trends you need to know about. The Cold Shoulder We’re championing off-the-shoulder cuts. Give those boys the cold shoulder in the top du jour: the Bardot. Named after the one and

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How To: Scandinavian Style

When it comes to furniture and television, Scandinavia is having a good run. Margaret can’t get enough of those grey Danish murder mysteries and goodness knows she loves a bit of grey. That’s why this season’s collection is really tickling our fancy and we are simply non-stop Nordic. Let’s face it; you can’t walk down the high street without witnessing Swedish giant’s; H&M and its little sister Cos. Even my wine glasses

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Introducing: Maison Scotch

Maison Scotch, from the house of Amsterdam-based label Scotch & Soda, has that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. Laid back and feminine, the eclectic collection is the perfect blend of Parisian chic meets New York City girl and has a little edge to make just enough of a statement without looking too try-hard. Eclectic and yet all the while exuding elegance (with a little nonchalance, just because) Maison Scotch never forgets the

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