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The Neckerchief: How To Wear Guide

There was a time when I would have associated the neckerchief with something my granny likely wore. Or maybe someone French. But, as I’ve gotten older, I am beginning to appreciate my granny’s style (I’m thirty – what does this mean?!) and I definitely appreciate all things French. Just take a look at my bookshelf. Madame Chic has made a fortune out of moi.

What with it being that “meh” mid-season time, it’s important to think outside the box and recycle a few wardrobe pieces. It’s too soon to really start thinking about that spring wardrobe (snow showers are forecast for tomorrow, après tout) and I am SO over my puffer coat. I can’t look at it. But I NEED it. See, snow showers.

So, on to the point of this post; what’s an easy peasy way to update both your 9-5 ensemble and casual lunches with the girls? The answer? The neckerchief a.ka. a petite silk scarf.

The Neckerchief How To Guide

Margaret will be so pleased. She adores them. Tie it around your neck and wear with a shirt or tee or round neck sweater. I promise it will add instant chic.

The How To Guide to the Neckerchief

AND, come the better weather when hats won’t be needed but bad hair days are still an all-year-rounder, simply recycle again and pop it around your head à la a less prim Blair Waldorf headband.

The Versatile Silk Scarf

When you’re over actually wearing the neck scarf, make like Joan Holloway and tie it to your handbag. Elegance personified.

This is one of those trends where it’s not only super ladylike and a little vintage, but also very cool. A winner all round. Right, off to my granny’s then to rummage through the scarf drawer.

P.S For further lessons in neckerchief chic, please see To Catch a Thief.

Over and out.



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