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I Can’t Stop Drinking The Coffee

“I can’t stop drinking the coffee. I stop drinking the coffee, I stop doing the standing and the walking and the words putting into the sentence doing.” – Lorelai Gilmore

It’s not hard to find a coffee spot in Ballymena. It is just a teensy bit harder to find somewhere that’s up to par. You see, being caffeine fiends, we are practically experts when it comes to knowing what’s good and what’s not. We might be desperate on the occasional morning, (Margaret has been known to roam the town in the early hours looking for that all important espresso shot…!), but that doesn’t mean we don’t have standards.

Middletown Coffee Ballymena

Middletown Coffee Co., Ballymena is an excellent choice.

The coffee certainly hit the spot, the food is simply delicious and the pastries are delightful. The space is seriously stylish and you can trust the baristas, they know their stuff.

Middletown Coffee Co, Ballymena

It’s a jaunt down to the other end of town from our precious headquarters, but that just means that one must get a pastry because, you know, energy.

Oatmeal Banana Cake Middletown Coffee Ballymena

The banana oatcake is my treat du choix. Made with fresh bananas and porridge oats. Wash down with a fatty latte.

Over and out.



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