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Lancôme Absolu Voyage Make Up Palette Review

“… Flying makes me nervous. I get uneasy seeing the National Guard go through my makeup case.” – Carrie Bradshaw

Tell me about it. Squeezing my lotions and potions into a teeny little bag (a freezer bag no less!) for a globe trotting fashionista like me is so not chic.

Once upon a time I scoffed at make-up palettes, but now, what with a shared bathroom with nada space and a job that means I’m always on the go, the palette has become a thing of beauty. Think of the essential Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette or the latest celebrity obsession du jour; the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit.

One of my most dearest (and glamorous) amies who is a frequent flyer (and, in the not so distant past, a former Harrison girl herself – you see, we know the good stuff), shared her travel secret avec moi; The Lancôme Absolu Voyage Complete Make-Up Palette. Everything one could possibly need in one nifty little double-decker palette.

In a travel-friendly case with a lush velvet cover, the Lancôme Absolu Voyage Palette is a treat! With concealer, translucent powder, lip liner, eyeliner, a choice of lipsticks, blusher and plenty of eye shadows to choose from, it’s little wonder it comes so highly recommended. Oh, and did I mention that it also contains all the necessary brushes and a miniature mascara too? Sold!

My personal favourite is the new and improved Absolu au Naturel which focuses on more neutral shades than that of the original and has that all important brow and highlighter pencil to ensure my eyebrows are always on point.

Lancôme Absolu Voyage Au Naturel  

Alas, not even this versatile palette will provide you with your go-to foundation but consider the Lancôme Absolu Voyage next time you are travelling and rather than packing everything and the kitchen sink in to that bulging make-up bag, lighten the load and take this instead.

 Travel essentials : passport (bien sûr!), my favourite glossy, and the Lancôme Absolu Voyage.

Now, this little gem is not as easy as you might think to get your hands on. You won’t find it at the beauty counter, but you will find it at the duty free and on board certain airlines.

Bon voyage!

Over and out.


Photo By: Charlotte Jane

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