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Hillary Clinton Suits Up

Okay, so we tend to steer away from politics, let’s leave that to the professionals. Wait, who are they again? It would seem professionalism has eluded our ‘leaders’ lately, but it’s too early in the morning for that. Instead, let’s focus our attention on something much more important: Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits.

Hillary Clinton, First Presidential Debate, 2016

Ralph Lauren’s Patriotic Pantsuit Trilogy has served Hillary well.

Hillary Clinton, Second Presidential Debate, 2016

Hillary Clinton, Third and Final Presidential Debate, 2016

This choice in particular has been widely regarded as a tribute to the suffragette movement. White is one of the official colours of the women’s movement (along with green, gold and purple). 

Now, we’re not here to scrutinize women in politics, with regards to fashion that is. It’s a typical double standard, and let’s face it, when in charge of whether or not to press the big red button; we think its okay to not look like you’re hitting the red carpet. That being said, in any profession, being somewhat groomed… well, it matters. Image matters. Put it this way, would you trust a hairdresser with really bad hair to cut your hair? Would you trust a make-up artist with really bad contour to paint your face? Would you trust a skinny chef? Um, no.

For women it’s trickier still, with a fine line between looking either too feminine or too masculine. For gals vs. the glass ceiling, sexuality is often checked at the door. Oh, the politics of fashion in politics!

Jackie Kennedy will forever be our favourite First Lady, but Michelle Obama is hot on her heels. She has the smarts, she has the style and she has a real sense of solidarity sisterhood. She isn’t running for president though. Yet, anyway. For Hillary, to go from FLOTUS to POTUS takes an image overhaul. Little wonder then that her style has evolved from college student, to Mrs Clinton, to presidential candidate.

Hillary and Bill, Inaugural Ball, 1993

At the Inaugural Ball, 1993

Hillary and Bill Clinton, 1994


Pretty in Pink

Pretty in pink at the opening of an art exhibit at the White House, 1995

Hillary Clinton, Inaugural Parade, 1997

Inaugural Parade, 1997

Inaugural Ball, 1997

A cape moment way before Gwyneth at the Inaugural Ball, 1997

Inaugural Ball, 1997

Hillary and her Grammy Award, 1997

Yes, this is Hillary with her Grammy award after winning Best Spoken Word Album in 1997 for her audiobook, It Takes a Village. 


And way before Blair Waldorf, there was Hillary Clinton and the hairband.

Hillary Clinton, 1992

Hillary and Hairbands

Hillary Clinton, Fashion

She was a step ahead of the cold shoulder trend.

Hillary and The Cold Shoulder Trend

Wearing Donna Karen, 1993

And her Vogue game is strong.

Clinton, Vogue, 1998

Hillary’s style evolution, is, I guess, in a way, like most women (maybe minus the Vogue cover and Grammy); from those carefree fashion choices in our college years, to dressing for the corner office, or in Hillary’s case, the Oval Office.

Solidarity sister suffragette, and here’s to the power of the pantsuit!

Peace out.





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