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Mademoiselle Chenille

Who needs Chanel when you can have chenille?

Okay, just a little exaggeration there. If anyone wants to give us a Chanel anything, we’ll take it. But let’s take a look at the oh-so-soft, so snuggly, so slouchy chenille jumper, shall we?

Chenille Jumper Zara - Blog Style Inspiration

Styled by A Simple Style and Girl Meets Gold

It’s probably something Karl Lagerfeld would find hideous. It may verge on ‘loungewear’ and we all know how he feels about jogging pants. But oh my is it super comfy.

Chenille might have you thinking of a dressing gown (or house coat – tomato tomato). It’s actually the French word for caterpillar. You see, there was once this amazingly soft chenille jumper from Zara and Charlotte pretty much lived in it. Here she is, looking very pleased with herself…


Zara Chenille Jumper - The Haute Ticket


Absolutely loving life in this jumper. Well, now you can join the Chenille Club and we can finally get one up on Zara. Hey, we’re a small business. Zara competition is no joke.

This Saint Tropez version is perfect for creeping into autumn. It’s dusty green and dare we say, it can be styled a little 90’s grunge-y. And you know we love that.

Over and out.



Photo By: Charlotte McAuley, Jade McCrary at Wake to Wear, A Simple Style & Girl Meets Gold

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