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August 2014


The Nod Of Approval

Way back when I lived in France, I learned a very hard lesson. I was not chic. Oh, I may have had a ‘look‘, but I was not chic. And boy, were les Français not afraid to say so. Now, whilst living abroad I noticed a trend among my students: illustrated t-shirts. Not the kind of t-shirt I was sporting (Guns N’ Roses… the Stones, Sid and Nancy… you get the picture…)

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Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

It’s no secret that it’s simply a must to remove all traces of make-up before hitting the hay – lest you end up looking like a gremlin – and vital to this routine is the cleanser you use. Finding a cleanser that works is a lot like finding the perfect foundation. It’s a tricky business dogged with plenty of trial and error and expense! The Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot

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The Muse ~ Lauren Bacall

“She’s our reference for what smart looks like. Look up ‘smart’ in the dictionary — you’ll find her picture.” – Isaac Mizrahi If ever there was a classy dame, it was Lauren Bacall, femme fatale of Hollywood film noir. Famed for that voice, the stare (complete with perfect brows), one of the greatest Hollywood romances of all time and the casual elegance with which she wore clothes (note she wore them, not

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A Hop, Skip and a Lunch.

Belfast may be many things, infamous and notorious spring to mind, but it’s our little corner of the world. Although we will never admit to there being any part of the city better than the Lisburn Road. (shameless plugging), we have been known to venture occasionally to the hubbub of the city centre. For those ladies who love to lunch, there is no better starting off point than the delightful

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