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What To Pack For A Beach Holiday

Packing for a holiday can sometimes be a little stressful (just ask Margaret) and even more so if you are squeezing your essentials into a teeny tiny carry-on, panic can escalate pretty quickly then.

If sun, sea, sand and lots of yoga are on the schedule then you can opt for beach-chic simplicity which means that you needn’t worry about packing the kitchen sink.Packing-For-A-Beach-Holiday

Luckily for you, we have taken it upon ourselves (aren’t we so good?) to share our packing tips and the must-have items we just cannot be without when hitting the sun.


Opt for a palette

Ironically, it was Margaret who actually taught us that choosing a colour palette or ‘look’ can seriously help you narrow down your options and ensure you stick to a few trusty mix and match items. FYI, the Corfu palette was not so much of a palette as a look; a little hippie with a hint of the nineties. Obviously with a chic spin.

Be realistic

Are you really going to wear those heels strolling casually across a pontoon? Doubt it. If you cannot bear to be without heels, then opt for wedges. Summery and comfortable. You can’t go wrong with espadrilles.

How To Pack For  A Beach Holiday

Face facts, some clothes just travel better than others. If it wrinkles it is not coming. No one wants to iron when at home so why do it on holiday?

Keep Rollin’

Fred Durst got it one. Save space, skip folding those clothes and keep on rollin’.

Bikini vs Swimsuit

Whatever is more comfortable. Tanning is a huge part of my holiday (no shame and more on that later) so going to work as I call it requires a sensible bikini with no funny strap marks. I love fashion but I love an even golden glow too.

Swimsuits are super stylish and I feel a little like a Hollywood movie star when sporting one (especially with shades and a hat) so for taking a break from surfing and tanning, I say pack both a bikini and a swimsuit. Don’t forget to try before you go and alter straps accordingly for a good fit.

White Out


It’s a no brainer that white looks great with a tan. Less so if you are a lobster. Be sure to roll in a pair of white skinny jeans and a few white t-shirts – they go the distance. And a Breton stripe too for when you want to be classy.



The most essential item. I always wear sunscreen on my face. Every day. Yes, even in Northern Ireland. Factor 50 no less. So obviously on holiday I am extra careful. Do not burn. It is unhealthy and not to mention, unattractive. And the peeling? Nightmare. So do avoid it and slather on the sunscreen. Don’t forget to reapply after a dip in the water as even water resistant sunscreens wash off a little. Mind that skin! If you do happen to get a little burnt then a good option if aloe vera isn’t handy is natural yoghurt. Amazingly good. Trust us.


The bigger the better. They hide a multitude of sins. Just remember to remove before falling asleep in the sun. Been there. Speaking of accessories, throw in some statement jewels. They will lift even the plainest of tee’s.Packing-For-A-Beach-Holiday

Cover up

You will need two. One for the beach (a kimono is a great option and on trend) and secondly for the cooler evenings and, of course, the flight. Yes, that’s right. You won’t get a blanket. We’ve asked.

Join the bandana brigade

You will be amazed at the wonders of a silk scarf. I have yet to experience glorious beach waves when at the beach. My hair is either soaking wet or pulled back to save it (and my dignity) from the humidity. But a little silk scarf makes for a handy hairband and looks on point.


If you still want those beachy waves, throw in Boots Ingredients Coconut & Almond Leave In Conditioner. Yes, we know there are so many options out there but this cheap and cheerful spray is unbelievable for luscious locks and will stop your hair from drying out too much from the sea salt and nasty chlorine.

A good lipstick

It’s amazing how little make up I wear on holiday. No foundation, nada. A good bronzer to dust lightly over your face and a highlighter (Benefit High Beam or Nars Illuminator) with a swipe of mascara (waterproof obvs) is all you will need. The sun is great for the skin (within reason of course) and any blemishes that are lurking about will soon improve with all that glorious Vitamin D. And let’s be honest, it’s a good feeling going au naturel and letting your skin breathe! Just remember to pop in some lip salve  for the daytime with sunscreen of course (Burt’ s Bees Tinted Lip Balm is best) and a red hot lippy for the evening.


Psst… Beach means sand everywhere, so add some talcum powder to that beach bag as a touch of talc will help that sand disappear!

Bon voyage! Soak up that sunshine y’all (safely) and see you at the nearest chiringuito.

Over and out.



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