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The Snack Attack!

Picture the scene. It’s three o’clock in the office. That healthy salad at lunch hasn’t quite cut it. The blood sugar’s low and that to-do list is not getting any shorter.

While it’s tempting to succumb to the dreaded ‘snack attack’, rather than reaching for those chocolate éclairs or the Nutella jar (it’s happened!), be prepared instead. Keep a few healthier alternatives at your desk. Some nuts and mixed seeds or even some dark chocolate. Ease up on the caffeine and perk up your afternoon with a cup of peppermint tea.

 Blueberries are your best friend. Eat them.

For those gruelling grey winter mornings, stock up on some crunchy granola and flaxseed and morning tea breaks will become a lot healthier. If you need that sweet fix, add a dollop of honey to your yoghurt or drizzle over your porridge oats.

 Porridge oats with banana , honey, nutmeg & cinnamon will turn your life around. 

 Stay one step ahead and prepare some tasty overnight oats to make the morning just that little bit easier.

Stick some natural yoghurt and hummus in the fridge, some celery, carrots, apples and any kind of berry. Keep a jar of peanut butter handy too (note – peanut butter not spread!). Why it may not be good to eat this straight out of the jar (not to mention very un-ladylike – save that behaviour for chez toi) peanut butter as a dip is tasty and, believe it or not, healthy too.

When in doubt, grab a natural yogurt and go crazy with toppings.

Fear not when it comes to the ‘snack attack’, food IS to be enjoyed but when at work you need something more sub-sub-sub-substantial. Catherine, that one was for you.



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