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Caped Crusader

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly might just spring to mind when you throw on a poncho (if Margaret has anything to do with it!) but push past the Man with No Name aka Clint and picture Alexa, or Cara, or SJP. I mean, isn’t that enough fashion credentials right there?

The Cape, Fashion Trend, Street Style

By the way, is it a cape or a poncho? You see, a cape is sort of like a cloak, technically. Let’s get into some fashion history here. The word cloak comes from the Latin word cloca, meaning cape. Now, a cloak seems slightly more on to something the Volturi would be sporting or akin to Little Red Riding Hood’s getup. However, Dracula and Batman are also swanning around in what we all describe as a cape. Meanwhile, Clint is riding off in a poncho. Albeit, poncho’s tend to have fringing going on. Tomato, tomahto, we say.

Benetton Women's Fringed Poncho, Fashion

The cape (or poncho) looks best with skinny jeans and a chunky knit, preferably a polo. However, if you want to earn some extra fashion points, throw over a dreamy dress and flash some skin. Très cool.

Alexa Chung, Cara and the Burberry Poncho

This Benetton number is a Burberry look-a-like and looks great belted at the waist.

Benetton Women's Clothing, Poncho, Cape

P.S The cape is a brilliant travel accessory. Or poncho. Whatever. It acts not just as a stylish cover up, but as a blanket too. Because planes are cold and you won’t get a blanket. Even if you ask. Not only that, but think of the handbag you can sling across your body with all your bits and bobs, and then cover it with a cape. Not sinister sounding at all.

Winter Fashion, The Cape or The Poncho

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