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The Belle of Belfast City Hall

While strolling through the city one fine Saturday après-midi avec one third of Office Shenanigans and former Harrison gal Catherine, we discovered that neither of us had ever set foot inside the City Hall.  It would appear we really don’t venture further than our little corner of The Lisburn Rd. Shame faced, we took the head staggers and popped inside for a look about.

Steeped in local history, with beautiful architecture and stunning stained glass windows, we weren’t disappointed. We stumbled across a wedding, a yummy little coffee shop, and sneakily joined one of the tours, which as it turns out, are free après tout! An afternoon well spent.


Belfast City Hall Centenary Window 

Very happy girls, although a little ashamed it took us so long to visit this gem. Make haste and don’t forget what’s right on your doorstep.

Over and out.



Photo By: Charlotte McAuley

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