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A Different Take on Stripes

Spring = Stripes. It’s just how the story goes. But this season, we’re busting out something a little more rock n’ roll and not as Beetlejuice-esque as you might think; striped trousers.

Ah yes, unflattering we hear you say. Not so. Not with a wide, straight cut. Finish with a model-off-duty “half-tuck” or make like Vanessa Hudgens and wear a cropped, loose tee, and you have the look nailed. Think riviera chic meets Grateful Dead on tour. It’s a good look, trust us. If you’re not sure, take a peek at some style inspo below and take note, if Olivia Palermo is in on the trend, then who are we to argue?

Spring Trend, Striped Trousers

Grateful Dead T-Shirt, Fashion

Skinny Jeans, Stripes and Flats
Striped Trousers, Street Style

Olivia Palermo, Striped Trousers, Street Style

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