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Leaving on a Jet Plane

Budapest. And we’re excited. As much as I love lazing on the beach, supping a mojito; it’s hard to beat a city break avec les filles. Strolling through a city, sipping un café au lait is right up my street. Throw in a couple of my best friends and it’s a great way to recharge those batteries and the culture vulture in me gets a spin out too. So far, so good. Until I start to pack. You see, with an-airline-that-must-not-be-named and a dislike for airports (they bring out the worst in me); the actual getting to my destination du choix is a chore and an eye-opener for those travelling with me.

To make things easier, I get ruthless. Why lug about a heavy and overstuffed suitcase when in reality, I won’t wear half of what’s crammed in there. I always end up in Converse and jeans anyway, so let’s get down to business; what to pack, and what not to pack.

Plotting a Pin-worthy city chic wardrobe is easy-peasy. All you need are the following travel essential pieces that you will (and really ought to) already have.

The Jean.

Ah, the trusty jean. So high-waisted ankle grazers, preferably with a ripped knee are my jean genie, but to each their own. Throw them in, roll them up and wear them flat out. Why pretend otherwise.

The White Shirt.

No explanation needed. Uma wore it and rocked it. Even Sharon wore one to the Oscars. That is all.

The Trench.

Always a classic. Even at the height of summer, you could still get caught in a heavy downpour. Trust me. The good news is, the trench needn’t be a heavy duty number, the duster jacket is a great alternative and perfect for travelling too so no need to squeeze it in the case. Planes can be nippy enough. And you don’t get a blanket. Believe me, I’ve asked.

The T-Shirt.

Make like Bardot and wear a Breton tee. Mix it up with a little rouge stripe instead – sans looking like a Wally. And for fun, throw in a slogan tee – what the heck. You’re on holiday!

 Psst… Note the statement necklace. Accessories are key to any holiday wardrobe. A space saver and a life saver (yes – I will go that far).

 The Dress.

The LBD is a no-brainer but sometimes it’s nice to not make like Margaret and opt for say, orange? It is the new black.

Too much? Try navy instead. Just be sure that whatever little dressy number you bring, its wrinkle proof – nobody wants to be ironing on their holiday. You want to roll, wear and accessorize. For everything.

The Jumper.

A summer knit is essential. For iffy days and cooler evenings, a sweater thrown over that white shirt, Breton tee or even a dress is still on point and practical.

Finally, throw in a red lippy and a pair of heels (needn’t be killer – just something a that’s a step up from Converse) and bon voyage folks!

Over and out.


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