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How To: Wear The Duster Coat

It’s time to lighten up and get out of the trenches. Wardrobe, say hello to your new spring jacket: The Duster Coat.

the duster coat

Believe it or not, there’s a little Wild West history associated with the duster coat; the recommended “uniform” for Texas Rangers no less, the duster was ideal for riding off into the sunset.

The duster coat as seen in Once Upon a Time in the West

Sergio Leone was a fan and the duster coat features pretty much in of all of his spaghetti westerns, especially Once Upon a Time in the West, which, if you haven’t already seen, you really should. For Claudia Cardinale’s on point eyeliner alone.

Claudia Cardinale in Once Upon a Time in the West

The movie was played so much in Paris that suddenly everyone who thought they were a hero decided to wear one. Borrowing from the boys, the trend soon trickled into women’s fashions, et voilà.

Street Style

Duster Coat

While we love neutral shades, let’s get practical. A navy duster coat will get you much more mileage and looks just as chic.

Duster Coat for Women

Benetton Women's Navy Duster Coat

Benetton £105

Complete the look with shades, a cross-body bag and messy waves.

Navy French Connection Duster Coat

Over and out.


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