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A Postcard from Corfu; Give Greece a Chance.

A girls’ holiday to a Greek island is a rite of passage and no, we did not go to Kavos. We did it in style (and, dare we say it, with a little more class). I think it’s safe to say that Kommeno and Iōannēs will never be the same again.

Holidaygate (coined by the wonderful Aisling) was, as the word suggests, a bit of a disaster.  Co-ordinating a lunch date with your best gals can be a little tricky let alone a holiday. Sometimes though, you just have to bite the bullet and jump on that plane. Spontaneity and package holidays are not my strong suit, but as of now, I am a convert.  A nifty little deal in a beautiful location complete with sun, sea and sand? Please, like I could argue with that?!

Destination wasn’t quite unknown but with the Greeks smashing more than a few plates, Corfu seemed a dicey option. Cue sensationalist messages from frantically worried fathers and the risk of a currency crisis looming over our shoulders like some lecherous Greek chef, (private joke, get with the in crowd.)  even on arrival, holidaygate continued.

A combination of Vanity Fair and Marco Polo are our travel guru go-to’s. Motto: always be prepared.

Perched on a hill, amidst an olive-grove on the Kommeno peninsula, Hotel Nefeli is as charming as could be. I felt like I was on a little yoga retreat, so peaceful were the surroundings (coincidentally, International Yoga Day fell on our first day and I reckon it was a sign of what was to come…) Things were looking up.

Hotel Nefeli

Surrounded by beautiful gardens and a choice of beaches within walking distance (with water sport options available if you would like to dip your toe in the Med) and a selection of tasty tavernas to choose from, we had no real reason to stray too far from this idyllic setting.

Should you wish to venture further afield, the neighbouring villages are worth a visit. We recommend ordering up a cocktail and channeling your inner celebrity at Dassia’s Malibu Beach Bar.

Corfu town is a hop, skip and bus ride away (all of fifteen minutes), prompt and inexpensive (Translink NI, it puts you to shame). Take a stroll through the enchanting old town of Corfu with it’s Venetian touches and café culture a go-go.

Psst… a hidden gem, Rosy’s Bakery is the sweetest little discovery you could make and includes an extensive list of tasty gluten-free, diary free and vegan friendly treats.

Although we couldn’t bring ourselves to leave the hippy retreat of Pelekas (a graffiti festival called, what’s a girl to do?), a boat trip is highly recommended by the locals (who by the way, are the friendliest people you will ever meet) to Paxos and is next on the bucket list, because this is one place we will most definitely be back.


Over and out.



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