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Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.

Spring is in the air, sort of, and that means an onslaught of bloomin’ florals. Interpret that as you will.

The thing about florals is that, pretty as they are, especially the vintage inspired prints, they can, if not careful, tread into dangerous territory – dare we say it, ‘twee’ – or it can be a little in your face. Neither is good.

So keeping that in mind, and that generally florals for spring is not a new idea (preach, Miranda!) who wants to invest in a spring fling? Nobody, that’s who.

Step forward Benetton. Not always the obvious choix when it comes to trending fashion. Typically Italian, they tend to stick to those wardrobe staples we can always rely on. Who needs a trend when you could have a timeless trench instead?

That hasn’t stopped them this year. Benetton is in full bloom. Pun intended. Firstly, with a collection of jeans whose floral prints are a far cry from dowdy.

Fresh, crisp and feminine, these look best with a denim shirt or relaxed sweater to add a little edge. Let’s keep it fashion forward.

If drawing attention to your thighs isn’t your thing then opt for the floral shirt. You may never be able to beat the classic white number but for a change, why not wear a Liberty look-a-like instead?

Perhaps with those ripped jeans and Converse? Leave a top button or two open (ooh là là) and add a delicate chain. Or button up and layer with a smart navy jumper and some cigarette trousers for prep with character? Or go crazy and throw on some more florals? Although that requires a little more caution.

Whatever you do, make sure to add a little you to the trend. And steer clear from anything too fussy. That’s twee. Unless you’re Taylor Swift. Only then is it okay.

Over and out.


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