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Stitch It Up, Embroidered Denim

Embroidered denim is a huge trend right now (in case you didn’t know) and as much as we try not to buy too much into trends (it’s a Parisian timeless thing that we’re trying to achieve), we simply can’t resist the beautiful detailing. Those Gucci loafers sold the trend to us and that’s that.

Embroidered Denim Jeans, Spring Trends

If OTT isn’t your thing and the bold embroidery is just too much, why not try these adorable Maison Scotch Petit Ami Boyfriend Jeans?

Maison Scotch Petit Ami Embroidered Boyfriend Jeans

Not quite the ‘Mom’ jean but with enough slouch and a comfortable mid-rise waist and just check out the oh-so-subtle but dreamy embroidered detailing.

Maison Scotch Petit Ami Embroidered Boyfriend Jeans

These jeans walk that delicate line between timeless and trendy so we suggest you snap a pair up quick. In the meantime, we’re investigating iron-on patches… It could work!

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