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Taylor Hill, Coachella 2017
Emily Ratajkowski, Coachella
Selena Gomez and The Weeknd, Coachella
Coachella, Luanna90

Coachella 2017

So, without fail, Alessandra Ambrosio is once again at Coachella. It’s like she’s the new Heidi Klum. Sorry, sorry, we don’t mean it really. We’re just, you know, bitter that we weren’t there. Okay, the grey skies are getting to us. I mean, it’s April! Late April. *sob*

Alessandra Ambrosio

So, to rub salt in the wound, we have rounded up the best festival looks from the first weekend of Coachella, what would be a music festival but really it’s all about the fashion. No Jared Leto spotted this year. He’s laying low after crushing Charlotte’s heart last year.

Fashion blogger Luanna pretty much stole the show for us this year in Missoni.

Coachella, Luanna90

By the way, this year’s summer must-have accessory is a pair of retro, round sunglasses. The more obviously retro, the better. Mirrored lenses take you to a whole other fashion ball game.

Luanna, Instagram, Coachella 2017

Taylor Hill, without fail, nails festival fashion. She’s our girl crush du jour and summer wardrobe inspiration, always.

Taylor Hill, Coachella 2017 Style Taylor Hill, Coachella 2017 Style Taylor Hill, Coachella 2017 Style

Emily Ratajkowski is another go-to for some fail-safe festival ensembles. She manages to keep it pretty laid-back and on the casual side. She doesn’t need to do much to turn heads, but we do enjoy the fact Emily prefers to play it fairly low-key, unless she’s hitting the red carpet.


Emily Ratajkowski, Coachella Style


Nicole Ritchie stuck to denim cut-offs, vest top and Converse. A combo you just can’t beat and proof that you don’t have to go to kray at a music festival. Comfort is key, folks!

Nicole Ritchie, Coachella 2017

Selena Gomez was a breath of fresh air, wearing a fresh, floral print dress with matching neckerchief. Slightly prairie, but we kinda love it.

Selena Gomez, The Weeknd, Coachella

Until next ‘weeknd.’

Over and out.


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