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Blazin’ Squad

No, we aren’t talking crossroads. You will never be at a crossroads when you have a navy blazer handy and here’s why.

Firstly, it’s quintessential Parisian chic. And who doesn’t want to be a teeny bit Parisian. Even the Kardashian’s are having a go. A blazer is one of Ines de la Fressange’s Magnificent Seven; the seven wardrobe essentials that every woman simply must own. So, who’s to argue with that?

              Clémence Poésy. See, les filles français love a navy blazer. 

Secondly, it really does go with everything. Dress it up, dress it down, it still looks good, effortlessly tying even the most casual of outfits together and adding that not-so-elusive apr­ès tout ‘je ne sais quoi’.

 A tousled up do and shades enhance the nonchalance. Note, coincidentally nonchalance is from Old French; ‘nonchahloir’ meaning to be unconcerned and normally followed by a rather indifferent shrug of the shoulders.  


Thank goodness trainers have made a comeback and are now acceptable everyday attire, not just for the gym only. And see, the blazer works with sneakers too.


Make like Kate (Middleton that is) and wear with Breton stripes.



Or, for some serious street style, wear like a cape.




And tuck that bag under your arm while you’re at it.

Distressed denim adds a little edge to the tailored look of the blazer and keeps the look fresh and Pin worthy; the ultimate compliment.

By all means, invest in a pricey piece but the beauty of the blazer is that it needn’t break the bank. Just so long as it’s somewhat tailored and hits you in the right places hem wise, you’re good to go. A fun lining is a bonus as the very best way to wear the blazer is collar up, cuffs rolled and with shades, for those pesky paps.

See, even they love a navy blazer.

Over and out.


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