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All Rise

Now that fall is in full swing (not that summer made much of an appearance), we are fully prepared to embrace the Knit List and in particular, take a deep breath, the Polo Neck. Margaret is not a fan. I believe she used the word “torturous”. Yikes.

Let’s see if this can change her mind. You see, the Polo Neck is one of those humble pieces that never gets much acclaim but yet it’s so versatile and so days of supermodels past (our favourite days – Kendall who?) that it seems such a shame to overlook it. It’s quite sad really, lost and forgotten there in the back of the wardrobe. Listen, you can hear it sob.

Women's Polo Neck, Winter Fashion

What if we told you that the Polo Neck can be sleek? Think hair slicked back, brows on fleek and winged eyeliner à la Audrey.

Taylor Hill, Knitwear Inspiration

Exhibit A:

Audrey Hepburn

Or it can be sexy? Marilyn was a fan and when was Monroe not sexy?

Exhibit B:

Marilyn Monroe

If it were up to me and what with my nostalgia for the nineties, I would wear it slouchy paired with my favourite ‘Mom’ jeans finished off with a messy top knot.

Exhibit C:

Fashion Inspiration The Polo Neck

Shades of grey (long before it was a whole other kinda grey) is basically Margaret’s go-to palette – especially for the office. So, with that in mind, take a look at this Margaret…

Ralph Lauren Fall 2014

Maybe not for the office but it’s Ralph Lauren, no less.

Ralph Lauren Fall Runway Show 2014

It’s even runway worthy.

Dress it up, dress it down.

Weekend Style

We’ve plead our case, Your Honour. Um, but just one final point…

Brigitte Bardot

Jackie O

Surely, if the French love it and even a First Lady, then you can too. We rest our case.

Hooray For The Polo NeckLong live the Polo Neck!

Over and out.


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